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Poker is a game in which a player who had to lose the game gives his property or money to the winning person. There are many types of game which is involved in the gambling. One among them is known as poker games. It is a word in Indonesian language is known as Foot ball gambling in English.

There are many poker games available online. Among the poker games, the football games might have earned the warm welcome of the players.  Before betting on the football, which is poker game, it is necessary that we know about some terms in this system. This includes


The Stake is the money that we place for the bet. That is, the money that player loses when he lose the game. Accumulator is a particular series of the bet that is placed and grouped .This series will be of single bets. If any of the bets come together then the accumulation of the odds happens. Half Time or the Full Time bet is divided into two. The team who will win the first half is predicted and then of the whole game. Score cast is done by placing the bet on one particular player for scoring on the goal that is hit first and later the right score gained.

Win cast is almost same to that of the score cast in which the prediction is made on a particular player on his score and after that predicting on the winner of the team. 90 minute betting is another form of placing the bet on a particular player that is by considering him as a goal scorer .If by the normal time of the game the player do not make the appearance then the bet that is placed is known as off. The player becomes eligible only if he appears for the normal 90 minutes of the game.

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